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Common garage door problems and malfunctions

As a homeowner, you garage door is probably one of your least concerns; that is, until it stops working. While there are a number of issues that can cause garage doors to malfunction, some issues are more common and easier to fix than others. Often times, you can avoid needing a garage door repair by staying on top of regular maintenance. However, there are times when major repairs are needed that you can’t possibly handle on your own. Here are some tips on how to deal with most garage door issues, and when to call a garage door repair technician.

Here is some common garage door problems

  1. Your Garage Door Is Lower on One Side
  2. The Garage Door Isn’t Closing
  3. Your Garage Door Won’t Open by Remote
  4. The Garage Door Makes a Rubbing Noise
  5. Garage Door Keeps Reversing
  6. Your Garage Door Moves Very Slow
  7. Your Garage Door Moves Too Fast
  8. Your Garage Door Closes on Its Own
  9. Your Garage Door Only Sounds Like It’s Moving

1. Your garage door is lower on one side

While the door might be opening and closing, you might notice that one side tends to hang lower than the other. There might be something that is blocking the track, and causing the door to shimmy as it lifts and closes. If there isn’t anything obstructing the movement, then your spring system might need some adjusting. If this is the case, calling a garage door repair technician would be the best choice for this type of job.

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2. The Garage Door Isn't Closing

Photo eyes are integrated into garage doors in order to signal when there is an object preventing the doors from closing. However, if there is nothing in the way yet your door doesn’t want to close, the photo eyes might be dirty or even misaligned. Because the photo eyes on garage doors are susceptible to dirt, you should try gently cleaning them, and see if that works. If this doesn’t fix the issue, make sure that the photo eyes are perfectly aligned by using a level. If your door is still not closing, you will have to schedule a garage door repair with a professional.

3. Your Garage Door Won't Open by Remote

If you can open your garage from the inside but not with the transmitter, you should first see if you need to replace the batteries. If you replace the batteries but the transmitter is still not working, make sure you are within range. Garage doors can only receive the transmitter’s signal if it is within a certain number of feet. However, if your transmitter still isn’t working, make sure the antenna is free of blockage and not damaged. If you notice that the antenna looks worn or tattered in any way, you should call a professional who specializes in garage door repair.

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4. The Garage Door Makes a Rubbing Noise

One of the reasons your garage door makes noise when opening and closing is that the track could be misaligned. This is a serious issue being that the track is responsible for holding up the weight of the door. Therefore, when garage doors are off track, operating them can be very dangerous. You can try fixing this yourself by loosening the screws on the track and gently tap it back into the correct position. However, if the door won’t move at all, then it is best that you make an appointment for a garage door repair.

5. Garage Door Keeps Reversing

One of the awesome features built into garage doors nowadays is the ability to sense when something is in its path. When an object is detected, the door will automatically reverse and go back up. However, if you find that your door is doing that even when there isn’t anything in its path, you can check the sensor or the track for blockage. You can try using a damp cloth to wipe the track down, remove any buildup and see if that helps. Otherwise, you’ll need to search for garage door repair, and have a professional come out and take a look.

6. Your Garage Door Moves Very Slow

Modern garage doors are great in that you are able to operate them with just the touch of a button. However, when you have to wait minutes for the garage door to close before you can leave the driveway, that defeats the whole purpose. Luckily, your problem might be resolved with just a little lubricant to the rollers and cleaning the buildup off of the tracks.

7. Your Garage Door Moves Too Fast

While it might be annoying whenever your garage door moves too slow, having a door that moves too quickly can be more than annoying; it can be dangerous! The cables and tension springs allow garage doors to open and close at a pace that is moderate yet safe. However, if there is practically no tension and the door is slamming down, then you need to schedule a garage door repair as soon as possible.

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